How To Be More Social With My Co-Workers

How To Be More Social With My Co-Workers

It has been widely known that socialization is one of the factors that help individuals grow emotionally stable. Connecting with other people greatly helps in learning new things and it also improves the overall well being of an individual. This holds true if you have a career. Socializing with your co-workers can greatly help in moving your career forward. This is because socializing with your co-workers help you perform well at work, and inspire you to work together to reach a common goal in the workplace. Since workers spend a considerable number of hours in the workplace, the workplace is thought to be the second home of most working individuals.

When do I socialize with my co-workers?

Just like everything else under the sun, socializing has its limits. While you can’t spend time chatting while working, you can take opportunities to talk to your co-workers through lunch and coffee breaks, or even when you are teamed up to prepare a presentation at an upcoming movie. The opportunities to socialize actually depend on the size of the company that you are working for. For bigger companies, the environment is more formal, and no matter how big the company is, the opportunities to socialize are relatively low compared to small companies where a handful of people work. Small companies usually have informal set of workplace rules, giving them more opportunities to talk to each other and socialize.

How do I become more social with my co-workers?

The answer to this question is simple: Go talk to them! It’s virtually impossible to stay long in an office while you spend your daily working life sulked up on your desk desperately trying to do something for the whole eight hours. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about talking to your workmates, then you can try paying them a compliment or greeting them a good morning for a start in order for you to break the eyes and connect with them.

Another way of becoming more social with co workers is by joining them on their out-of office bonding time. You have to do this all the time with them, or you can do this on your free time. Basically, the choice is yours. Just make sure that you are having clean fun with your coworkers to avoid having problems in the workplace which can put your social skills down at a lower point.

talking-to-coworkersAlways remember-you brain is actually made up of a lot of brain cells connected performing a single function which is making the brain work. You should think of yourself as a brain cell in a way that you are more productive the more you connect to others. This is synonymous to admitting that you cannot do anything on your own.

If you have a very busy work, find time to engage in small talk with your co-workers during lunch and coffee breaks. Another way of being more social with your co-workers is by actively participating in a lot of projects in the office where you will have to opportunities to talk to your coworkers. Or you can try and chat them up when you’re in the same work booths or work areas.

The most important thing about socializing with co-workers is knowing the right timing, and saying enough things. Remember, it is great to socialize, but you have to do it with appropriate socialization etiquette like avoiding to gossip about fellow coworkers, and talking about offensive and overly personal things. Also, the amount you spend with socialization should be just right so as not to let it interfere with your actual work. Also, don’t ‘play favorites, and avoid seeming like you’re just faking things just to put your efforts to talking to your co-workers.

Socializing at work is great, but there are times when you need to have your own special time away from anything at work which means, while it is great to socialize during work hours, it is still important to have friends outside the workplace! There should always be some level of privacy in order to protect your career too.

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