10 Tips for Your Next Job Interview

10 Tips for Your Next Job Interview

You may have gone through a lot of job interviews in the past. There are so many jobs out there that there may seem to be possibilities of getting job interviews as soon as you pass those resumes. But are you aware of the crucial things that you need to take note of when having your next job interview.

If you are having a job interview for your first job, or for a change in career, then it is important to review your job interview basics, as there may be things that you are missing out. Did you know that most corporations decide if they are hiring their interviewee on the first 15 seconds of their interview? That is why it is important to make a strong but not arrogant statement when you arrive for your interview.

  1. Make a strong first impression!

It really takes a great impression in order for you to get the job. There are lots of applicants who will also do their best in making a strong impression, so you should do the same! Dress smartly, and walk straight! Also, make it a point to practice speaking in a confident tone, but be careful about sounding so arrogant. And also, choose the words that you say during your interviews.

  1. Be conscious about what you wear

When choosing for clothes to wear, be conscious enough to not use overly fashionable clothes, but choose modest clothes that make you look smart. Avoid wearing colorful clothes. It has been said that over 80% of employers claim that they do not hire applicants who wear trendy or overly fashionable clothes, and more than 50% of companies also decide on getting employees depending on the clothes they wear to the interview. So you have to watch out on what you wear!

  1. Research about the company that is conducting an interview with you

Having the right knowledge on your prospective company is always great for making a good impression during the interview because it shows that the applicant is prepared enough to do research about the company. Look the company up online and check for their services and read a little about their history.

  1. Less talk, less mistakes!

Avoid over explaining yourself. When the hiring officer asks you stuff, it will be great to stick to answering their questions, and leave it at that. Just be courteous enough to answer in a complete sentence, and let them ask follow-up questions if they need more information.

  1. Bank on what makes you unique

Expect that you will be fighting with other interviewees for the job posting, so try to find out what makes you unique among the other applicants. Most of the time, the interview will be ask why they should hire you instead of the other employees, so emphasize on what makes you different.

  1. Be prepared to answer the common questions.

There are common questions that job interviewers ask all of their candidates, and they are checking for differences in the answers. These would be questions pertaining to your past experiences, why you want to work for the company, what you know about your company and why you left your former job. Always prepare yourself for these questions.

  1. Have a specific job that you want

Nothing spells out desperation more than just going for any job posting offered by a specific company, so it’s important to have a specific job in mind.  Remember, company values employees that know what they want more than the willingness of an employee to take just any offer.

  1. Avoid backstabbing your former company

Saying bad things about your company does not just give the interviewer the idea that you burned bridges on your past job, it also gives the interviewer the impression that you might do the same thing to their company in the event that you leave the company for another job. You can avoid this by just going for safe answers like you are looking for better opportunities and that sort.

  1. Avoid distracting hand gestures

Being stiff is a definite no-no when it comes to job interviews, but so is having too much hand gestures. Doing too much hand gestures can be very distracting and can be seen as a sign of insecurity and nervousness.

  1. Smile at the appropriate moments

The best thing that you can put on your face to disarm the interviewers is a warm smile. So smile on the appropriate moments, to show that you are happy and enthusiastic about your interview.

We hope these tips will help you land your next job interview!

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