Making Eye Contact When Talking to Someone

Making Eye Contact When Talking to Someone

Making eye contact when talking to someone is something that matters a lot as the eyes can convey messages that the tongue cannot deliver, meaning it can say more things than words can. Also, in a lot of ways, the eyes can reflect honesty and sincerity more than words. Eye contact is also important when you want to show someone how sincere you are in trying to establish a connection with them.

Making eye contact is one of the most important skills that a person has to learn in order to be successful in socializing with other person. Nowadays, a lot of individuals are having troubles making eye contact basically because there has been a decrease in the number of individuals who are having actual conversations as most people nowadays are confined to connecting to other people using their laptops and mobile phones. However, this skill is still very much important as it will establish how well you will be able to connect to other people.

There are certain things that individuals should be careful about when making eye contact. Too much eye contact can be flagged as prying and rude. Too little of it will make the other person feel that you are not very interested in what he or she has to say. Now there is such a thing as making eye contact on appropriate opportunities. This is the amount of contact that will make you a likeable and trustworthy person, and will make the other person feel that you value what he or she has to say. It has been said that the right amount of making eye contact will range about 35%-55% of the time that you are talking to her, and that means, you will have to do eye glances when you are listening, and less eye contact when you are the one speaking. This will create a great atmosphere between you and the person that you are talking to.

Making eye contact when talking to someone also signifies confidence as you are able to meet the gaze of the person you are talking to without feeling insecure. Did you notice that you try not to meet the gaze of people who ride the same elevator or crowded bus with you? That is because there is this significant insecurity that comes with sharing your private space with someone that you do not know. Making eye contact with someone that you want to get to know only means that you are willing to break down the walls and truly reach out to the person that you are talking to.

Most people have trouble making eye contact when they are in an argument with someone else. This is because arguments mean that you are not in tune with that other person, hence, you avoid making eye contact. But here is one tip that you may want to try when arguing with someone, especially if its someone that you are romantically connected to, a close friend, or a family member: try to talk to them while looking them in the eyes, especially when you are arguing with them. You will find that making eye contact with them while you voice out your opinion will instantly make you and the person you are talking to feel the need to agree on something, and eventually, the anger you both feel will die down. This has been a great technique especially for those who are romantically involved, as they re enforce the connection by looking into the eyes of the person that they are having an argument with.

Making eye contact when talking to someone is a skill that you should master in order to improve your socialization skills!

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