How To Use Body Language To Improve Your Social Life

How To Use Body Language To Improve Your Social Life

Did you know that your body language actually conveys half of the message that you want to say to the person that you’re talking to and that it is important for you to understand how to use body language to improve your social life? If you’re not the type of person who is conscious of your body languages, then maybe it’s about time to give yourself some form of checking as you might have been sending the wrong messages to the people that you’re talking to.

low-power-pose-body-languageDid you know that your body language can definitely change who you are as a person? Body languages can change your mood in very powerful ways. This goes especially well to the type of posture that you are carrying. In general, there are two types of postures, the powerful posture and the powerless posture. This already says a lot on what your personality will seem to the people that you will be speaking with.

If you are serious on how to use your body language to improve your social life, then there are a few important postures that you should focus your attention on. One of the primary things that you should focus on is the position of your feet. For example, if you were to approach an individual who seems to be paying attention to you, check if his feet and lower torso is facing a different direction, or facing the door. This only means that the other person is no longer interested in keeping the conversation going. To make sure that you are able to socialize properly, make sure that you approach someone with both your feet and upper torso facing the direction of the person that you are talking to. That way, you will give the person a feeling that you are sincere in having a conversation with them.

Another important body language that you should always concentrate on is your smile. Did you know that you can instantly feel good when you smile? Also, wearing a smile will make other people feel that you are approachable; therefore they feel more easy and relaxed about approaching you. It’s easier to connect with others especially when you make them feel that you have a positive energy about you.

high-power-pose-body-languageMake sure that you use power poses! Power poses are great especially if you want to exude confidence. What’s great about using power poses is that you can feel good, make others feel that you are confident and that you can make other people align to conversations more quickly. Power poses are also great when you want to exert dominance to people that you are talking to. It’s a safe way to be dominant without talking the part as well!

Establishing eye contact is also important when you are looking for ways to connect to other people this is because the eye contact will show that you are genuinely interested with what the other person has to say. However, make sure that you make eye contact only when appropriate! You do not want to send off a creepy vibe to the person that you are talking to, so make sure to look into the eyes of the other person every once in a while to make them feel that your attention is still on them.

practice-body-languageLastly, the key to being successful on how to use body language to improve your social life is to practice doing these gestures and tips repeatedly so you can become comfortable in doing them! You will notice a change in how you socialize after some time!

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