Things to Talk About With A Girl

Things to Talk About With A Girl

Every guy on this earth knows that getting to know women and potentially getting them to like you back starts with a great conversation. If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to captivate a girl with a great conversation then you are bound to never, ever have a date ever. You have to equip yourself with knowing the right way to approach a girl, and the right things to talk about with a girl. Remember, girls get hit on almost anywhere. So, you have to know the right things to say, and the right way to approach a girl. First off, always remember: DON’T BE A CREEP. You have to approach the ladies with an approach that doesn’t send weird signals to a girl. The ladies nowadays are buzzed off with guys who send off a vibe that means they literally want to get laid.

Girls are actually very easy to approach in general, and that is only if you know how approach them right. Remember, striking up a conversation with a girl works just like a job application interview. If she doesn’t like your approach in the first 15 seconds of your conversation, then most likely, you will not have a fruitful conversation with this woman. So you have to study her first, and you always have to be safe if you really want to get to know this girl. Always go for the friendly and respectful approach. You can start off with a nice greeting, or you can casually ask her how she is, and then ease up into the conversation. You can try finding a common ground, but be aware that women are not interested with the same things that men are interested in.

Things that spark up a conversation with a girl varies from one girl to another, here are a few things that you can try talking about with a girl so you can have a great conversation even if you’re just meeting for the first time:

  1. Girl with a guitarTalk about their hobbies!

Girls absolutely love it when guys are interested in getting to know what they like doing in their spare time. It may be music, reading, painting or writing, but whatever it is, the fact that you ask about what the girl likes to do in her spare time will really catch her attention and will get a great conversation going.

  1. career-womanTalk about what they do for a living.

This goes for those women who are already on the working age. Women are very passionate about their jobs, and they appreciate it when guys are interested enough to find out what she does for a living. You can use this as a common ground too if you happen to be in the same working industry. Try this with a working woman and you may have a potential conversation, and a prospective date!


  1. woman-with-dogFind out if they have pets!

Because girls are girls, they all have a motherly instinct and that is why a lot of women have pets. Find out if the girl you want to get to know has a pet, and start a conversation from there. Girls are usually very passionate of their pets, so you will surely get a conversation going from a girl if you start from this point.

  1. Girl in her hometownTalk about their hometown!

One great topic to talk about is a girl’s hometown. Talking about someone’s hometown is a safe way to get to know a person. When you ask about a girl’s hometown, it’s a discreet way of asking her about who she is as a person. It gives the girl an idea that you want to get to know her and her family, and how she grew up.

  1. favourite-foodTalk about her favourite food!

There’s nothing more easier than asking a girl what she likes to eat. As they say, the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and it goes the same way for girls. Girls may like to go on diets and stuff, but they have food favorites, and it would be a safe and casual topic to talk about! Try asking a girl what she likes to eat when she’s stressed, and you’ll be surprised because you will get a good conversation!

  1. avoid-nightmares-4Talk about the movies they’ve recently watched.

Girls like to watch movies in their spare time, and one great conversation topic is to ask which movies they’ve watched recently. You can also ask about the type of movies they like watching, and which are their favorites. You’re in luck if you’ve also watched the same movies because you can talk about the parts of the movie you liked, and the ones that you least liked plus why you like the movie in general.

  1. gossip-girlTalk about romantic things in a friendly approach.


Girls are romantic in general, and they like to talk about what they find romantic. You can talk about their ideal date, and their ideal guy. You may not be dating this girl yet, but talking about the things they find romantic is a way to get them talking, because you’re trying to find out what they like when it comes to men they date and the way they like to have their dates. When you talk about romantic things, it’s one way of scaling up if you have a chance with the girl, and you’ll also have an idea on how you can take her out.

  1. graduateTalk about their life aspirations.


Women have lots of aspirations and things that they want to achieve in life. One way to get them to talk to you is to casually talk about what they want to achieve. Whether it’s graduating from college, or getting a particular work, or travelling somewhere, surely, you can have them sharing what they want to achieve.

  1. women-laughingTalk about their friends

Usually, girls have their own chick groups that they hang regularly hang out with. You can start a conversation about who she usually hangs out with. You can ask general questions about what she likes to do with her friends, and where she met her friends. But when you talk about her friends, make sure that she is still the center of the conversation, because you don’t want to give her an impression that you are interested with one of her friends. Asking about a girl’s friends is one way to show that you are interested with her enough to find out who she likes to hang out with. This will prove to be a useful source of information about the girl if you are planning to date this girl in the future.

  1. woman-vacationTalk about their favourite vacation spots


Memorable vacation trips are one of the favourite conversation topics of all ladies. There is always that one place that they like to go to on their holidays. You can ask why they like the place, and what they like to do in that place. That could be another country, the beach or the country side. Ask them about their favourite vacation trip and they will surely tell you the memories they had in that vacation spot too! Now that will be an interesting topic, as you can also suggest vacation spots, and casually ask them if they’d like to go with you on a vacation.

  1. laughing-girlfriendsTalk about something funny.

One way to start a conversation with a girl is to talk about something funny, like something embarrassing that happened at work, or a funny thing that you saw online. This is a great conversation starter, as you can start the conversation in a light mood. You can also get a woman to be interested with you, because women like to talk to men with a sense of humor. This is one way to start the conversation in an easy and friendly approach. Plus, you can get past the girls’ anti-creep barrier if you talk about something funny. Remember that most girls always date the guys that make them laugh, and being funny is the key to get them talking. Just try not to look like you are trying hard to make them laugh though, because that may ruin your “funny guy” approach.

Hopefully, the ideas above will get you a great conversation with a girl, and will give you to land a good date with the girl that you want to get to know. Girls are conversationalists in nature, and they like relating to men by great conversations. You can literally talk to them about anything under the sun! Just remember, just keep the conversation friendly. Make the conversation about them, and not just about you to get them talking! You can also try finding common ground by asking them lots of different stuff; just make sure that you are asking them casually, without coming on too strong. Once you master how to get a conversation going with a girl, you are just a few steps away from getting a date with a girl.

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