Text Conversation Starters

Text Conversation Starters

Texting is one of the most popular forms of communication nowadays. In the modern days, courtship and relationships treat texting as an important factor in keeping a relationship alive. The same thing goes with getting to know a person.

It is very challenging to open a conversation through text messaging, especially if you are only trying to get to know a person. When you try to open a conversation, you may face the possibilities of not getting a response, especially if the other person you are texting does not have the same enthusiasm of getting to know you. However, there is definitely nothing wrong with trying to get to know a person through text messaging. There is definitely nothing to lose with trying to get to know a person by texting them. Who knows that person may text you back?

You can try these things to strike a conversation with a person that you want to get to know:

  1. good-morning-to-youThat morning sparker

One surefire way to start a conversation with someone you want to get to know is to send them a respectful greeting, like a “Good Morning” message. Greeting someone with respect will send off a casual way of starting a conversation without coming on too strong. This way, you get to at least try opening a conversation without sounding
“too desperate” for a reply. Try this to someone you want to text, and see if you get a “Good morning too” response!

  1. whats up finalBe friendly and sound cool

Starting a conversation with a “what’s up” message is great to give off a cool vibe when you want to start a conversation with someone. Usually, questions get an actual response in return, and it’s one way of asking a person how she or he is, without being “too needy” for a reply. Remember that people are turned off with people who are too eager, so try starting with this text message so you can start off with a casual feel.

  1. Funny-kid-meme-17Be Funny!

Another great way of opening up a conversation is by sending a funny picture! This has worked for a lot of people because people are attracted to respond to things that are funny. The funnier the picture, the bigger chances of getting a response! You can even get a “LOL” or “HAHA” response. When the person replies, you can now start a conversation by texting “What’s Up”. At least you start the conversation with a happy vibe. What makes starting a funny picture great for a conversation starter is because you start off with a positive aura and you are sure to have a light conversation with the person you want to get to know.

  1. Gossip-celebrity-gossipTell Them Something Intriguing!

One way getting to start a conversation through texting is to tell something intriguing to the person. Well, it may seem like you are gossiping, but hey, you’re looking to start a conversation right? Text them something that goes like: “Have you heard about…” and I guarantee you, if the person gives at least a one sentence reply, then that’s your chance to start a conversation! This works because, as psychological studies prove, people are attracted to things that they find intriguing. If they find something intriguing enough, then you may get a respond asking for more information. If you do, then that’s your chance!

  1. text-conversation-starterAsk to go out with the person, CASUALLY.

Did you notice how the guy asked a girl on a casual date out of the blue without being blown off? Asking a person out, in a funny and casual way will surely spark up a conversation, and it works for both guys and girls. Try this out and you will surely get a conversation going plus, you may even get a date with a person. It’s just like hitting two birds with one stone. You can try this with someone you like and see if you can get lucky.

Remember, just keep it light, and don’t expect the other person to text back so you can manage your own expectations. There are millions of people in the world so, don’t worry! If the person doesn’t respond, you can always try to start a conversation with someone else. Also, don’t ever sound desperate, as desperation will chase off the person you’re texting and you may not get a response. Keep it light, keep it funny, and keep your text messages sounding respectful, and you will get a conversation going.

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