Interesting Conversation Topics

Interesting Conversation Topics

If you use some interesting conversation topics it can mean the difference between an easy free-flowing conversation, or a deadend stop-start struggle to think of things to say. The art of conversation starts with interesting conversation topics, so knowing where to start can really help you in any social situation.

Keeping a conversation light and interesting is a challenge, and this is a must if you want to get to know a person. In keeping a conversation with a person you want to get to know, it is always a challenge to never run out of anything to say, but at the same time, not say too much stuff. A lot of people tend to filter a lot of things they want to say, and there are others who feel uncomfortable with the silence that they have too much to say. It is always a great idea to stay cool, impressive and interesting, and at the same time, have something sensible to say every time without seeming like a smarty pants type of person.

When keeping a conversation going, it is important to make the other person feel that you are interested in what they have to say. Just think about how you’ll feel if you sit on the other side of the table listening to what the other person has to say about himself. A good technique you can do is let the person tell more about what he or she has to share, inject a thing or two about similar ideas and then you’ll definitely keep the conversation going.

interesting-conversation-topicsAnother great tip in keeping a conversation going is by going for topics that will surely let the person share about what they know. It is a great idea to find a common ground by asking friendly questions, and the questions should be open-ended, to encourage them to narrate something that they have experienced.

What are some interesting conversation topics?

If you are looking for some interesting conversation topics, then you can try these:

  1. Talk about past experiences like major events in the country or in the world, past dates, funny or embarrassing experiences, vacations, future plans and hobbies. Questions directed to finding out the other person’s experiences related to these show that you are genuinely interested in getting to know the other person and will encourage them to talk more. Plus, you may even have the chance to share your past experiences too.
  2. Talk about personal things that are close to the other person’s heart like life passions, or what the other person does for a living. Sharing personal experiences on the daily life of a person can prove to be a good way to keep the conversation going, and its one way to show the person that you are there to listen to what he or she has to share.
  3. You can also talk about childhood memories. Usually, childhood memories have a certain pull on an individual and it can definitely give you something to talk about that will surely end up in a light and memory-filled conversation. This is a goldmine for interesting conversation topics!
  4. If you want to keep a conversation going, a great topic is anything funny! Nothing beats a great laughing conversation. You can talk about funny movies, or funny pictures, or tell a joke, and you will definitely have a fun time! You may even end up lost in hours and hours of funny talks with the other person.
  5. One of the best things to talk about is a person’s favorite food! Food is definitely something we all have in common, being humans and all. It is easy to keep a conversation going if you talk about food favorites. Who knows, you can even ask the other person out on a casual dinner and lunch because of this topic!
  6. Movies can also be a great topic for conversations. What’s great about the movies is that almost everyone likes to watch movies, and it’s really not difficult to talk about a recently watched movie. It doesn’t matter what movie it is, because if you haven’t watched the movie that the other person is talking about, you can ask him or her to tell you a little bit of the story to keep the conversation going.

There are more interesting conversation topics that you can talk about with a person, but just be careful on talking about other things concerning religion and politics because these topics can easily become a debatable topic. You should also be careful about talking about personal things not unless the other person volunteers talking about it, as you don’t want to seem too prying.

But always remember; keep the conversation about the other person! Do this and you will have a great and lengthy conversation with the other person.

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