3 Fantastic Conversation Topics

3 Fantastic Conversation Topics

Having some fantastic conversation topics up your sleeve can really help you when it comes to social interactions. These 3 fantastic conversation topics are a great way to keep the conversation flowing and avoid any long awkward silences.

It’s a fact of life that sometimes it can just be quite tough to find something to talk about, even with people that you have known all your life and have a lot in common with. Sometimes, it can be quite comforting to be able to sit in silence with someone and not feel uncomfortable about doing so. For most people, though, this is quite hard to achieve and feeling uncomfortable almost comes with the territory when nothing is there to be spoken about.

If you want to feel more in control of social situations but struggle to come up with topics to discuss, making you feel uncomfortable, then these fantastic conversation topics topics should really help you come out of your shell. These are great typical topics that can get a conversation burning hot in just a few sentences, and this can really help you take control and feel more comfortable to then move into your own specialized conversation topics that you know a lot about.

Fantastic Conversation TopicsWhat About You?

It’s a well-known fact that we all love to have a little talk about ourselves. It’s easier to talk about that and the opinions or thoughts of somebody else, obviously! So, if you feel that a conversation is beginning to really extinguish try and switch the conversation to the other person. This lets them talk away, allowing you time to work out what you are going to say next. If you feel that conversation is going downhill then let the other person spark it back up, and you can come back in when you feel comfortable.

You might find that simply getting the other person to talk about something they enjoy can make a huge difference to the conversations tone and pace, and lead to some really fantastic conversation topics.

spiritual-awarenessSituational Awareness

When you are in a room at a social function, for example, you might find that little pockets of friends & strangers start to form all over the place. Rather than just going into one of these little groups and talking about any old thing, try and relate to something that they’ll all immediately understand. Let’s say a piece of artwork, or a musical CD that you see lying around that you know well. If others aren’t aware of the artist, it lets you take control of the conversation and give a little bit of feedback on the CD – this lets you feel more free and instantly has you involved in the conversation of the group from there on in, making you feel much more comfortable.

current-affairsCurrent Affairs can give some Fantastic Conversation Topics

You’ve probably seen the Fosters beer advert that refers to the “Gentleman’s Fun Crisis” in which one member of the group keeps talking about the economy and is dragging the night down. Try and avoid going into negative or dull topics like very niche politics, and avoid any subjects that might be quick to spark a serious debate. Current affairs – things like technological breakthroughs, big sporting events or even a popular TV show can get the conversation flowing and make you feel far more comfortable, and can offer a wide range of fantastic conversation topics to keep the conversation going.

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