Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters

If you want to be more social, you need to talk more. If you want to talk more you need to start conversations. It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. Having a few conversation starters to hand can help you be more confident when starting to talk to someone.

How knowing conversation starters can help

Conversation StartersI know I need to exercise more. There are loads of reasons for exercise and logically there is no reason for me wasting so much time sitting watching TV. I always feel better after exercise, I sleep better afterwards and I (usually) enjoy the exercising itself. Why don’t I exercise more?

Because the thought of starting , the thought of the initial standing up, going outside and starting to run is the toughest part.

It’s the same with conversations. Often if you have a few good conversation starters ready, that’s half the battle. Getting started is difficult, so be prepared with some conversation starters.

How to come up with conversation starters

Coming up with some conversation starters is the first step. This should always be thought out beforehand. If you are like me and don’t find it easy to talk to others, try to find open questions to ask. This gets the other person talking.

I would typically keep my conversation starters to topics I knew something about. I tend to stick to things I know about, that other people will generally have an opinion about. The weather is usually a good one as anyone can respond to that. Sport is also quite good, commenting on an upcoming game, or last nights result. Without wanting to stereotype too much, sport does generally work better with men than with women. Politics is another thing that most people have opinions on, but you should always avoid any controversial issues.

If you are completely stuck for inspiration, here is a pretty comprehensive list of questions you can use –


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