I Want A Career Change! What Can I Do?

I Want A Career Change! What Can I Do?

Let’s face it. A lot of us have stuck by our current social careers for a long time without realizing how much it has taken a lot of our lives until such a time that we start to realize what we’ve always wanted to do. For some individuals, they just start to have changes in their interests, making them want to go on a different course in life by taking on a different career. Others may have gotten laid off because their company is downsizing. Whatever the reasons are, we need to do something in order for us to find a new career.

If you want to go on a career change, you have to make a detailed plan in order for the shift to happen successfully. Don’t just jump into the next career that comes your way. Here are a few things that you can do so you can map out your career shift successfully:

  • Try to assess yourself for the things that you like or disliked about your past job. Lots of people lose interest in their former job because they hate their boss, they hate the actual job or they hate the policies of the company. So make sure that you have a solid idea on the things that you are looking for when you are going for another job. This may be your opportunity to find a career that you are greatly passionate in.
  • Take time to do research on new careers that you want to venture in, once you’ve already figured out the things that you are passionate about. Don’t be nervous! It’s normal to feel insecure and unsure, because technically, a new career means that you will be learning new things!
  • Find a career where you can use your current skills. There has to be a lot of things that you have learned from your past company. Bank on these skills together with your newly-found passion in order to find your dream job!
  • Update your skills by going for trainings and educational programs to broaden those skills that you already have. But don’t hurry too much. Take it really slowly, until you are able to upgrade all the skills that you have in a way that you are not overwhelmed.
  • Use your connections in finding a new career that will suit you. Most of the time, the people in your network know your skills and you can use those connections in order for you to find the job that suits you well. Those people may know a job hiring where your skills are a perfect match, so don’t be shy about asking these people for potential jobs.
  • Before you jump into a new career, you may also want to gain experiences by going on internships. This is because a new career means that you are starting from scratch, so you need to equip yourself with the proper experiences. You can also take part time jobs as part of your experience!
  • Find someone who will inspire you on your new career. This can be your boss, a friend who is on the same career path. There is much that you can learn from people who are already successful on the new career that you are venturing on. What’s great about it is they can inspire you as they already know how it feels to start from the beginning!

Jumping into a new career can be very challenging. But try these points out and you might be able to land a new career without a lot of hassles!

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