How to be Confident

How to be Confident

Everyone wants to be more confident, but knowing how to be confident is not as easy as it sounds. Learning how to be confident is your first step towards becoming more social, improving your lifestyle and also can help you advance your career.

Confidence is a strange thing – you can see it zapping from somebody with just one sharp comeback in an exchange with someone in a bar. You can see it explode from someone after one really funny joke. It’s something that’s spoken about in everything we do – our social lives, our work places and our favorite hobbies like sports. A sports star that is missing easy chances is going to be labeled as “unconfident” quite fast – so how do you go about fixing this?

how-to-be-confidentMoney isn’t the answer; money is a purely material benefit that isn’t going to be the long-term fix to confidence problems. Confidence comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin, and many of us don’t as it’s quite common to just concentrate on your own deficiencies as a person rather than your strengths. So how can you deal with this irritating issue and make yourself feel much better about yourself when you are in public?

Learn How To Be Confident

list-your-positivesList Your Positives

One thing that we can all do is list our weaknesses. You might be unfit or have a speech impediment, and you’ll denigrate these issues with gallows humor to make yourself feel better and try to emit a laugh at your own expense, without it being downright insulting.

Instead, why not list your positives? It lets you see just what you can do in this world without all of the “Yeah, but…” and can be a real life to your confidence. This is a great way of knowing how to be confident.

recognise-your-acheivementsRecognize Your Achievements

Before you can learn how to be confident, you must understand what confidence is. Confidence comes from what we believe about ourselves, but also what we can show we have achieved. If you can point to a life that has been deeply involved in academic pursuits or changing the world in some way then confidence should be in limitless supply. But even if you just look at your job performance or how far your business has come, even the relationship you have with someone else, your confidence can increase.

Recognize what you do well in this world, but you will be very quick to remind yourselves of your failures and setbacks across the years.

Your typical confidence will erupt when you start to look at yourself in this way – your achievements and most positive features & skills are all it takes to send us into a spiral of positive thinking and confidence. Rather than look at the big mistakes and problems that we’ve brought into our lives, try and concentrate on the things that you do well. This is the easiest and quickest way that you can do make a change to your mindset and confidence right away.

It only takes half an hour to start making a list up – so when will you start learning how to be confident?

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