Pro-Actively Building A Social Life

Pro-Actively Building A Social Life

If you want to be more social, don’t just sit around waiting for something in your life to change. You should learn about pro-actively building a social life to meet new people and experience new things.

While for many people friends and social acquaintances will just flock right to them, acting as a friend magnet, others need to scrap and shout just to get a second glance from even one person. Social awareness and having an active, engaging social life can be something that many of us strive but thus far have been unable to achieve. A lot of people believe that when are trying to improve your social life, you should really be looking for it to just “happen” but unfortunately outside of rare occasions it does not happen.

If you are an enclosed, deep individual then you will struggle to make friends with the wider public. When a free spirited person who will talk to anybody comes up to you and is extremely open, it can be off-putting for somebody who deals with social difficulties and this can actually hamper the friendship ever taking off in the first place. If you are sick of nerves hampering your chances of making friends, then your best bet for success is going to come from being proactive.

If your job has you working day and night and on the whim of a phone call, it’s hard to have a social life. You might find that you spend more & more time yourself as you need to deal with clients throughout the day, meaning that you only have a “professional” social life and this can be deeply and quite seriously unfulfilling. If you want to avoid this type of problem, then these simple tips should make it much easier to launch yourself from the problem you are suffering from just now.

Tips on Pro-Actively Building A Social Life

Find Your “Type”

pro-actively-building-a-social-lifeWe all have a type of person that we love to be around. For those of us who are quite unintentionally funny then being around someone who is intelligent and can quickly dissect a joke to understand its meaning can be a great friend to have. For those who are quite insular but want that to change then befriending somebody a bit more energized than you, a bit more socially active, can help you meet friends in other circles and boost your own social environment.

Who do you wish you hung around with? What are they like as a person? This should give you an idea of the type of person you wish that you knew, so you’ll be able to more actively look for your “type”.

Be On The Front Foot

This is what being socially active is about – you can’t just expect your social life to fall on your lap. Developing a social life is a purely logical pursuit, and all it takes is one eureka moment to make you realize where you have been going wrong for all these years! Social issues can cloud your logic and this can make simple solutions like “Buy somebody a drink at the bar” become complex social puzzles that you will never solve.

If you are inverted person and quite hard to get to know, then you aren’t exactly going to be knocking back the friend invites are you? Therefore if you go to a social event and then take on this same attitude, sitting in the corner with just one or two people or even yourself, it’s not going to help you get out there. Be on the front foot – if you see people watching sports on the TV go and join them, if you like sports. If you see somebody at the bar alone and looks like they could use some company, why not give it a shot?

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