I Need A Friend

I Need A Friend

It has been said that “No man is an island” therefore it is very important to have friends that you can run to in times of problems, and to laugh with. Friends can be considered as your second family. People spend a considerable amount of time with friends. And sometimes, the friends know more about an individual more than his own family.

Friends are very important in your life because they do not judge you for the wrong things that you do, instead they tell you what you really need to know, even if telling the truth can really hurt. That is because true friends are only thinking of your well being. True friends will not just agree with you about everything, although most of the time you agree on a lot of things, but what’s good about friends is that they will still accept you even if you fight and argue. Friends will be people that you can lean on even on the most difficult situations. They will encourage you to reach for your goals, and be the first ones to be happy for you when you reach an achievement. Friends will also be there to encourage you in times of failures, and will do what they can to put a smile on your face.

What people don’t realize is friends influence their lives more than they realize. A lot of people build their own dreams around dreams they built with their friends, and change about their perceptions about a lot of things because of friendly advice. Some people even get the strength of rising from a heartbreaking situation because they have friends backing them up. Your friends can also help you define what you prioritize in life, and will give you a lot of life skills. Most of the time, the things that you don’t find in your family are given to you by your friends. Like the having an older sister advise, or having a protective older brother. Friends can serve for those purposes.

i-need-a-friendIf you want to find new friends, then there are basic things that you have to remember. You have to remember that there are not enough friends in your life, so there will always be room for new ones, although you have to remember that some true friends are hard to find.

If you are looking for new friends, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Choose friends wisely! Make sure that you meet friends who can influence you to become good individuals. Meet friends who have great life goals, and great family values. People who have great family relationships will mean that they value long term relationships.
  2. Be true to yourself! Nothing is fouler with making friends with a fake face. Just try to picture yourself in your potential friend’s situation. Would you like to be friends with a fake person? Certainly not! So be true to yourself and you will earn true friends in the long run.
  3. Be persistent about spending time with friends, but at the same time, learn to say no when you really can’t keep up with the things that your friend is asking of you.
  4. Smile more often! Nothing is more inviting than being friends with someone who has a pleasant disposition!
  5. Be honest, but avoid being too frank about things. Friendship is always great when there is integrity and honesty. It will make your friendship last longer.
  6. Spend time boding with friends. And you should spend time beyond social media. This is great as you will strengthen the friendship, and at the same time, teach you lessons on how to interact with other people.

Everyone needs friends in order to live fulfilling lives! Make friends everyday and you will realize later on that you will be happier because you have someone to talk to at the end of the day.

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