How To Impress A Boy

How To Impress A Boy

A lot of women stress on what they can do to ask a boy. Because of our society, many women tend to think that they have to wait for the body to notice them and make the first move, but does it still apply to the modern society where there is a rising acknowledgment of the equality of men and women? Women have been taking managerial positions, and topping class graduations. How is that any different in the courtship stage of relationships?

Women who are in relationships are usually in two categories: the ones who are naturally attractive to men, and the ones who are impressive to men. Since women are attractive to men in nature, why not fuse your attractiveness with the skills that can impress a man in order to snag the boy you like?

There are a few ways that you can impress a boy and leave a lasting impression. Try these and be surprised that the guy you like will be impressed and attracted to you:

  1. How to meet a boyImpress a guy by being sensitive to them

One way to impress a boy is to be emotionally sensitive to them. Guys do not express a lot of emotions naturally, so it would help that you know how to emotionally deal with them. However, you have to be aware of the right way to emotionally approach a guy. There is such a thing as smothering them by being overly sensitive. Just remember, when a guy is silent, and seems to not be in the mood, just wait for be silent and be there for them. Eventually, they will open up when they are comfortable about opening up. You will surely impress the guy because you know the right time to speak what’s on your mind, and the right time to just let him deal with his emotions quietly.

  1. Have Self RespectHave Self Respect

Guys are impressed with ladies who know how to respect themselves and not be roaming around presenting themselves for the sexual pursuits of men. While dressing up showing your features may be one way of attracting guys, overdoing it may earn you disrespect from other men. Present yourself accordingly and send a message that you don’t need to flaunt much to attract more!


  1. ConfidenceBe confident

One of the things that guys find sexy in girls is their confidence. It matters that you feel great about yourself no matter how you look and whatever you do in life. This is because guys will know that you know you know yourself well, and you can pull yourself together should anything work out with the guy.

  1. charlie-s-first-kiss-peanuts-35880_512_528Don’t Be Afraid To Make The First Move!

Our society has made women think that they should not be doing the first move. But did you know that it’s okay for a lady to make the first move? There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not illegal in United States! Of course, men are the natural hunters among the two genders but it doesn’t mean that you have to wait for the guy you like to approach you. Chat him up and ask him about his day, or you can ask him on a casual group date. Just don’t be desperate. If the guy declines, just say no. But I assure you, whether the guy goes is up for going out with you or not, you will surely leave an impression and you will be able to attract him.

  1. disagree-with-a-woman-3Don’t just stick to saying YES every time!

Okay, you like this guy. You want to impress him. But being impressive doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything he has to say! Guys like girls who have their own opinion, because girls who say yes every time will send a signal that she’s clingy and needy. This is one way of keeping the guy on his toes because he can’t just say anything and expect you to say yes to it. You will surely leave a sexy impression on the guy you like with this.

Impressing a guy may be a challenge, but the main key is to believe in yourself that you are pretty. Always remember, any guy would be lucky to have you, and you will be able to impress them in easy ways without trying to hard! Try these things out and be amazed at the results!

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