Knowing When To End A Friendship

Knowing When To End A Friendship

Ending a friendship can be heartbreaking. While it is just normal to have disagreements with friends, to end a friendship is something very unnatural, and can be more emotional than ending a dating relationship. Most of us have thought of friendships as the kind of relationships that are stronger than relationships so it is just normal to feel down and out when you find that you have to say goodbye to a certain friend. It takes acceptance to realize that a friendship has come to an end.

Because we love our friends so much, we tend to get blindsided of the things that we should look out for. The one-sided friendships are one of those friendships that you will have to end. If you are always the one putting in effort in hanging out, it can get pretty tiring. Its certain that this so called friend of yours likes to call people to meet up with him or her, and you’re just not the person on her list. If the person doesn’t at least return the favor by calling you or even at least texting you, then you have to say goodbye to this friendship.

a-friendship-that-can-endThere are also people who remember you in their biggest time of need. Those people are the ones who look to you if they need material things, or if they need certain favors. This can be a disheartening thing, because these people might even be those who are difficult to find if you are the one who needs to have an urgent favor. If you don’t end this kind of friendship soon, you’ll be left used and heartbroken because you tried what you can do just to be able to maintain this friendship with this person.

You should also think about closing the doors on the friendships that like to say things behind your back. Real friends do not hurt each other by saying something mean or something nasty to other people. A real friend will be honest with you and tell you what they think is wrong with you. Friendships are also based on trust, and if you find that person can say things about you without you knowing, and then do yourself a favor and end the friendship with that person. There’s no point in keeping your ties with a person who can say stuff about you to everybody else.

One of the main things that make friendships special is loyalty. Being a loyal friend doesn’t mean that you always agree with everything that your friend thinks and everything that your friend has to say. It takes genuine honesty to make sure that you are hearing what you really should. Disloyal friends are those who can be dishonest and can leave you when things start going south.  When you have a disloyal friend, then what you have with that person might not be something that you can call friendship anymore. Disloyal friends can be the kind who can attack you in the moments that you do not expect. Don’t wait for this person to break your heart and cause damage. Just end it.

So how do I end a friendship?

friendship-endingIf you are serious about ending a friendship, your first option is to just tell the person flat out that you cannot be friends with them anymore. You can tell them why you have decided to do so, just to give yourself some justice, but make sure that you are doing this constructively and not in a way of hurting your so-called friend. Just tell them it’s over and walk away. At least you have the peace in your heart that you have called off whatever you’ve had with this poisonous person.

You can also just end things like that. Stop calling them, or stop texting them. Allow yourself to get to know other people. Hang out with people who genuinely care about you. Just don’t allow these people to get into your life.

Once you end the friendship, it will hurt in the beginning, but you will have new friends, and you will still have your true friends with you. Just don’t let it break you so much, and you will do just fine.

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