Funny Conversation Starters

Funny Conversation Starters

One of the best ways to start a conversation is to put a little twist of something funny to make you and your companion comfortable about talking to one another. What’s great about humor is it reduces indifference or hostility to the other person, it lessens the chances of you getting criticized, it relieves tension, it boosts your confidence to talk and helps you deliver difficult messages easier. With all of these things put together, it can be safe to say that humor can improve communication. It can also make a person seem attractive and more pleasing to talk to, which will greatly help if you’re shy of feeling overly conscious about yourself.

funny-text-screenshotIt has been stressed that people need to socialize in order for them to develop as emotionally stable individuals. If you are a little scared of communicating because you’re shy, then you can try saying a funny joke and you will immediately feel relieved of the tension, plus you’ll have more things to say especially if the person you’re trying to have a conversation with laughs at your joke.

However, some people don’t get the idea on how to say something humorous. So you have to remember two main aspects of humor and these are surprise and relationships. What’s great about humor is it works even if the punchline is delivered wrong because the other person will see the effort in you trying to lighten up the mood.

Here are some ideas that you can use when trying to start a funny conversation:

  1. Ask a Funny Question

ask-a-funny-questionFunny questions are great if you want to catch the attention of the person you want to start a conversation with! This can get the person thinking of an answer while laughing at your joke, so give it a try! You can ask questions like: “What are some things that you cannot say at work?” or “If you would give names to all of your undergarments, may I know the name of the one you’re wearing today?”

  1. Say something funny that happened or something funny related to your setting

tell-a-funny-storyTelling a funny story about your setting is also great if you want to ease up into a lengthy conversation. You can think of any topic, or you can think of a current event that’s really funny and worth sharing. Take your pick on how you tell your story. You can tell the story with a straight face! This will emphasize the funny side of the story as you are sharing it like you’re being serious.

  1. Make Fun Of Yourself. But Don’t Overdo It!

make-fun-of-yourselfThe best way to make someone laugh is to make fun of yourself. And we add, LIGHTLY. Making fun of yourself can be considered the safest way to make someone laugh. You can put something obviously placed on your teeth and talk to someone, or look at yourself in the mirror and display weird confidence about yourself. Just don’t overdo it. Make sure you deliver it one time, and the timing should be right. Don’t do it like you’re desperately trying to get an attention though. Once you have them laughing, you can ease off into a conversation.

  1. Tell Jokes. The cheesier the joke is, the better!

cheesey-jokesTelling jokes is the classical way of starting a conversation. This is the technique some guys use if they want to start a conversation with a girl. However, this requires talent in delivering the joke so you have to be careful. Also, stick to non offensive jokes. You can go for cheesy jokes as long as it’s not offending to anyone!

Remember, if you want to start a conversation with something funny, do everything but make fun of somebody else, and telling jokes about overly personal things. Now go and try putting a hint of humor when you start to talk to someone!

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