Avoiding Negative Thoughts in Social Situations

Avoiding Negative Thoughts in Social Situations

Negative thoughts can definitely darken your mood even when you’re in the middle of a social situation, and that is why it is important to practice avoiding negative thoughts in social situations in order to not take out negative emotions on the people that you’re interacting with! Unfortunately, a lot of people still entertain negative thoughts even when they’re in the middle of a happy event. The negative thoughts can instantly wash down their happy hormones, and make them sulk with sadness. Negative thoughts can also make people over-think. What’s difficult about this situation is that it can have a very bad effect on the way you socialize. That is why there is much importance in practicing steps in avoiding negative thoughts in social situations.

Here are a few things that you can do to be successful in avoiding negative thoughts in social situations:

The first thing that you have to do is to have a better understanding on how you think. Try to make a list of the things that remind you of your negative thoughts. Once you have your list, make your counter list of the “good sides” of the negative thoughts. Always remember that there are exactly two ways that you can approach a thought. You can transform it into a negative thought that can darken your mood, or you can make think of it in a way that it will become a positive thought. What matters is you are able to figure out the things that make you think negative thoughts!

Once you have your list of things the things that give you negative thoughts, then it’s about time to approach this thoughts with that metal armor on. There are two ways on to approach a negative thought. You can either think of the brighter side, or you can ignore the thought until such a time that you can deal with the negative thought. How you deal with the negative thought is mostly up to you, all you have to do is figure out which step works best for you.

Some individuals get negative thoughts especially when they get criticism from people that they are interacting with. This is perfectly true for those who have social phobias and insecurities. The problem is, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and there will always be people who will have something negative to see about you. The only thing that you can do is to take the criticism in a positive way. If the criticism is totally untrue, then you can do the classic approach which is to ignore the criticism and just look for someone else to talk to!

Meditating in a corner when you come across a negative thought helps a lot if you want to ease your mind from the tensions of negative thoughts. It is always important that you are able to detach yourself from the crowd so you can have time to breathe and calm yourself from the busy crowd so you can reevaluate your thoughts!

One of the things that make people get negative thoughts is their desire to have control of every situation they’re in. Here’s the thing about social situations: most of the time, things will not go your way, so you have to set it in your mind that you don’t have total control of everything, so you have to be prepared for any changes or any criticisms that come in your way. This way, you will be able to deal with negative thoughts easily.

Negative thoughts can really change your mood and set you in a mood where you’re not so keen on interacting with other people! For this, it will be better to do your best in avoiding negative thoughts in social situations.

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