Can You Develop People Skills?

Can You Develop People Skills?

If you look around enough on the web, you will find some truly motivational and inspiring images and quotes out there by famous people throughout history. These are usually people who inspired thousands in their day, and helped to create brighter future somewhere in the world. Otherwise known as leaders, they were those who engaged communities and got other people to succeed.

Typically, a leader will tend to show the example themselves, and have incredible people skills. They may not have the level of knowledge in the subject they are in charge of as some of their subordinates, but they bring the best out of everyone else.

Typically today, though, a manager will be a technical expert within a subject. They won’t be a leader, and they won’t able to draw the people power from their staff. This leads to a lack of confidence in the work place and reduced results, and a lack of development within the staff’s ability to perform in the workplace. The problem is that the ability to motivate and develop other people is a hard one to learn, and many people are either born with the charisma to do so or they aren’t.

can-you-develop-people-skillsOn a personal level, this is much the same. This does not mean that you cannot be a more inspiring and positive individual though. If you feel that your role in life does not play as significant role in others’ lives and achievements, then developing your personal skills is going to be important. You may be a genius and one of the finest in your role in the world, but if people can’t work with you due to social awkwardness or a lack of people skills it won’t really matter.

Developing people skills requires three things from you;

  • Commitment – a desire to change and actually be able to lead from the front, via example
  • Humility – You need to first accept that your way of dealing with people and situations is wrong, not the performance of others
  • Desire – You need to be willing to attend seminars and coaching to become a better person

Typically, the last part is the hardest to actually find. Seminars and coaching can be found online, though, and provide you with the ability to work with inspiring personal coaches who help big name business owners reinvent their people skills to make the business run exactly as they intended. Working with a professional can help you develop, and to an extent it’s needed to actually become better at dealing with people. If you just stick to your current methods, nothing will ever change.

If you are able to address your commitment to change and your ability to accept you may be in the wrong from time to time, then developing people skills and inspiring others is no longer a pipe dream. Success comes from being able to impart your immense knowledge & skills to others in the right way that ensures they will also improve.

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