Becoming A Better Story Teller

Becoming A Better Story Teller

Story telling is one way of conveying your message using metaphorical symbolism and that is why it is important to do certain practices to becoming a story teller. If you are not aware about the importance of telling a good story in a constructive way, then you should take a look at how politicians make their speeches. They always start their speeches in a story that well represents what they are talking about.

Story telling is a good option if you are trying to convey a message to your listeners. It works even better for those who are going to tell complicated stories. It also helps to ease off the tension and the nervousness as you can slowly connect to your audience. That way, you can definitely deliver your story in an effective way.

Becoming a better story teller will help you connect with the people in your audience. This makes you seem human, and it shows that you are willing to connect to them by telling them a story. Telling a good story can also help simplify complicated ideas into simpler ones. It is also a way of breaking the ice as well. Knowing how to tell the story right will help you establish your authority. Story telling is also a way of catching the attention of the people or the person that you are talking to, as most individuals are usually curious about how a story ends.

In order for you to become a better story teller, you have to be aware of the elements that comprise a good story. A good story has to touch the emotions of your listeners, it has to be truthful and factual, the stories have to be real especially if you are telling first-hand experiences and the story has to be valid. These elements are important if you want to truly captivate your audience into listening to your story. This will help in becoming a better story as well.

Here are a few things that you need to do so you can start becoming a better story teller. Start off by telling stories that you like. Think about the story that you want to speak about. You have to think about the actual story that you want to tell your audience because it has to somehow convey the message that you want to tell your audience.

Then take your time and prepare on how you will tell the story. Plan to break the story in parts so you can tell the story while working into a momentum. Make sure that you don’t just dive into telling the story. Build the story up to a point where it reaches the climax of the story, then slow down as you approach the ending of your story.

When you tell your story, make sure that you take out the slow parts of your story so you don’t break your momentum. Slow parts can actually bore your audience to the point that you may lose their attention. To make sure that you don’t have dragging parts, make sure that you only include important information that matters in the story.

Make sure that you speak confidently and loudly enough for everyone to hear.  Also, you should establish eye contact with your listeners, and make easy and relaxed gestures as you tell your story. This is to make sure that your audience intently listens to the story that you are telling them. A voice that does not sound confident will cause the attention of your audience to waver, so make sure that you tell the story with confidence!

Lastly, you have to remember that becoming a better story teller takes a lot of practice!

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