10 Common Conversation Mistakes To Avoid

10 Common Conversation Mistakes To Avoid

Having conversations with different people is important in order for an individual to thrive in terms of his or her social growth and that is why it is important to treat conversations with care and find out these 10 common conversation mistakes to avoid.  Making mistakes while having conversations with another person can be quire embarrassing and will make you look rude, sloppy and unprofessional.

Here are the top 10 Common Conversation Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. dont-keep-checking-your-phone-during-conversationsOne of the most common conversations to avoid is to check your mobile phone while having a deep conversation. This kind of behavior can be very offensive, and will seem rude. This will be something that can put off the mood of the person that you are talking to.


  1. know-about-who-you-are-talking-toAnother common conversation mistake is not having enough knowledge about the people you are talking to. This can make an impression that you are not taking the time to get to know your audience or the person you are going to talk to first. This can give an impression that you are arrogant and don’t care much about the person that you are talking to.


  1. conversation-is-two-waysOne of the main things that people tend to forget with conversations is that it is a two-way thing. Therefore, some people make the mistake of making the conversation about themselves and not taking the time to let the other person share his or her own opinions.


  1. stand-up-to-talk-to-othersTalking from your seat is one of the rudest behaviors that one can ever have when having a conversation. Talking from a seat can be considered just right if you are talking to a subordinate in an office set up, but if you are having a conversation in a restaurant, or in a conference room, then you should make the effort to stand up, ask the person to sit with you and start the conversation.
  1. avoid-swearing-during-conversationsCursing is another common conversation mistake. Cursing can be something natural to you, but it doesn’t mean that it’s natural for other people you are talking to! This can be acceptable if you are talking to someone who is already close to you, but it should by all means be avoided to make sure that you are not offending other people with foul language.


  1. stay-focussed-in-conversationsWhen it comes to keeping the conversations going, it helps to keep your eyes and attention focused on the person you are talking to, and that entails not looking over your shoulder as if you are waiting for somebody else to come. Have some respect to the person you are talking to and focus on him or her for the time being.


  1. know-how-to-introduce-people-formallyOne of the most awkward things for people who are in conversations is not being formally introduced. This can be very unprofessional, and will give an impression that you are not acknowledging the person who is with you.



  1. dont-keep-asking-for-favoursIf you are having a conversation with somebody, make sure that you are doing it to seem like you are connecting to that other person, and not just because you need something from that person. So make sure that you don’t mask asking favours by making the person feel that you genuinely want to have a conversation with them when you just want to ask them a favour.
  1. bad-habits-during-conversationsIn a conversation, it is very important for a person to let the person finish what he or she has to say before voicing out his or her own opinions, or before saying something else. That is why interrupting what the other person has to say is also a common mistake. Let the person finish to make them feel that you are courteous enough to listen to them.


  1. dont-check-your-watch-during-conversationsLastly, checking your watch is not a good thing when having a conversation, as this is also rude, and it will make the person feel like you can’t wait to end the conversation with him or her. If you are conscious about the time, you can excuse yourself and check your watch, rather than checking the watch while the person talks!

Make sure that you remember these conversation mistakes, so you can avoid them and in order to avoid offending other people!


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